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Non Destructive Testing // Equipment & Accessories

Centrifuge Tubes
For magnetic particle testing
  • Pre calibrated so that when they are filled up to their graduation mark and left to stand
  • Used to monitor the concentration of magnetic particles
  • Complies to ASTM E709-1565, ASTM E1444-16, ASTM E3024-19 and MIL-M-6867D


Centrifuge Tubes are used to ensure bath levels are correct. It measures the concentration of magnetic particles in the bath. The centrifuge tubes have been calibrated so that when they are filled up to their graduation mark and left to stand, the particle concentration can be determined quickly and accurately. The use of appropriate centrifuge tubes is a core part of the regular maintenance required for magnetic particle baths and provides confirmation that the bath meets the sensitivity standards for NDT use.


Please Note: This action is required daily, each time before using the bath

  1. 1. Let the pump motor run for up to 30 minutes to agitate the suspension
  2. 2. Flow the bath mixture  through the hose and nozzle for a few moments to clear the hose
  3. 3. Fill the centrifuge tube to the 100ml line
  4. 4. Place the tube in the sand. Let the tube stand in a bath or 60 minutes for an oil bath


  • MIL-M-6867D
  • Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Spec No. MPM, Chg H Appendix
  • General Electric Spec No. P3TF9-S4
  • McDonnell Douglas Spec No. P.S. 21201 Rev J
  • ASME Boiler & Vessel Code Section V
  • ASTM E709-15
  • ASTM E1444-16
  • ASTM E3024-19

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EQPT-5206 Glass Centrifuge tube (graduated) - Fluorescent Material
EQPT-5206  Glass Centrifuge tube (graduated) - Non-Fluorescent Material 
EQPT-5211 Centrifuge Stand