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Welding & Metal Treatment Products

Callington is recognised as a supplier of high-quality welding chemicals and metal treatment products including anti-spatter sprays, anti-spatter gels, developers, pickling gels, pickling paste and more.



Anti Spatter Gels, Pickling Gels, Developers

Our welding products are available either direct or through distributors and can be supplied to any destination globally from several stocking points.


Stainless Steel Cleaners, Stainless Steel Passivation

Stainless steel passivation is required to maximise the natural corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. It removes surface contamination from cutting tools that can form rust or act as initiation sites for corrosion. Callington supply a comprehensive range of stainless-steel cleaners including stainless steel passivating solution, corrosion remover, stainless steel pickling gels and polishing compounds.