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Metalworking Fluids // Surface Treatment Fluids - Cleaners and Rust Preventives

MTC 50
Machine Tool System Cleaner
  • Low foaming and compatible with most water-soluble metalworking coolant types
  • Highly effective against bacterial and fungal contaminations
  • Compatible with all common metal substrates, non- staining and non-corrosive
  • Maintains machine tool systems in clean


Callington MTC 50 is a mildly alkaline, water-based, heavy-duty machine tool and system cleaner. It is based on highly effective, low foam surfactants, and anti-microbial agents, which provide rapid and efficient cleaning and sterilisation.


Callington MTC 50 is specially formulated to deal with the range of contaminants encountered in machine tool systems, using water-based coolants. This contamination includes fatty and heavy oil build-up in pipework, floor return channels and floor ducts, tramp oil layers, bacteria, and fungi.

Regular use at fluid change over time is highly recommended, as the adoption of the simple clean-out procedure dramatically reduces coolant related problems and ensures maximum coolant sump life.

Ordering Info

7010/42 5 litres
7010/51 20 litres