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RoxDiesel® Fuel Biocide
Kills Bacteria, Fungi and Mould
  • Completely organic, leaves no ash on combustion
  • Acts as a fuel tank corrosion inhibitor & fuel lubricant
  • Kills a wide range of bacteria, fungi and mould


RoxDiesel® Fuel Biocide is a potent biocide for killing and for preventing regrowth of most types of organisms that grow in fuels. Similarly, RoxDiesel® Fuel Biocide acts as a fuel tank corrosion inhibitor and fuel lubricant.

RoxDiesel® Fuel Biocide is effective against most types of organisms found in fuel; it is particularly effective against Cladosporium resinae (a hydrocarbon utilizing fungus); as well as against bacteria, yeasts, and other fungi.

Being totally organic, RoxDiesel® Fuel Biocide leaves no ash on combustion.


200ml of Diesel Fuel Biocide treats 1,000 litres of fuel, or 1 litre of Diesel Fuel Biocide treats 5,000 litres of fuel.

Physical Properties

Character: hydrocarbon petroleum solvent
Appearance: clear and amber liquid
Specific Gravity: clear
Shelf life: 24 months if stored in a closed drum

Ordering Info

8275/30 1L
8275/39 4L
8275/51 20L
8275/64 200L
8275/1000 1000L