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Metalworking Fluids // Surface Treatment Fluids - Cleaners and Rust Preventives

DWP 210
Dewatering Rust Preventive
  • Excellent water displacing capability
  • Provides a clean separation from water or alkaline solutions, allowing for easy separation and longer bath life
  • Highly penetrative, forms an even, unbroken protective film
  • High stability and resistance to acidic and alkaline contaminants, ensuring increased bath life
  • Easily cleanable using solvent cleaners or aqueous alkaline cleaners


Callington DWP 210 is a solvent deposited, short term corrosion preventive, with outstanding dewatering properties.

Corrosion and stain protection is provided by a residual light oily film, after evaporation of the solvent.


Callington DWP 210 is applied by dip immersion, brushing, or spraying. Immersion of the component or part to be protected in a dip tank, is the preferred method of application, as this optimises the dewatering action of the fluid.

Callington DWP 210 rapidly removes residual water from parts or components which have been machined or washed using aqueous cutting fluids or cleaners.

The protective oily film provides effective short-term corrosion and stain protection on parts during inter-process storage or transportation.

Ordering Info

7700/18 18 litres
7700/64 200 litres