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Fuel and Engine Treatments // Biodiesel

RoxDiesel® Biodiesel Antioxidant
Improves the Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel
  • AGQM approved
  • Significant increase of oxidative stability at low treat rate (test reports available upon request)
  • Retards gum formation
  • Increases the fuel induction period
  • Inhibits corrosion in fuel storage and distribution systems
  • Prevents metal catalysed oxidation
  • Effective for all Biodiesel feedstock.


AGQM Approved, RoxDiesel® Biodiesel Antioxidant is specifically formulated to improve the oxidative stability of biodiesels. Fuels that do not have sufficient oxidative stability produce free radicals which result in formation of colour and sediment deposits. Addition of RoxDiesel® Biodiesel Antioxidant stabilizes biodiesel, allowing statutory requirements to be met and exceeded, and preventing formation of colour and sediment.


The treat rate can range from 200ppm to 800ppm depending on feedstock(s) being treated and desired oxidative stability.

Physical Properties

Appearance colour: light brown coloured liquid
Density: 1.04 +/- 0.02
Transparency: clear

Ordering Info

8251/51 20L
8251/64 200L