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Aviation Products // Disinfection, Cabin Cleaning & Pest Control

Ki-ose 327
Aerosol Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Cleaner for all surfaces
  • Effective against a wide spectrum virus, bacteria & fungi
  • Non flammable aircraft approved formulation
  • Suitable for use in food preparation areas


Ki-ose 327 has been specially produced for the disinfection, cleaning and deodorising of surfaces in aircraft cabins. It is used in galleys, on trolleys, and in the entire toilet compartment.

Directions for Use

Shake well before use. Spray Ki-ose 327 on the surface to be disinfected/cleaned. Keep the surface wet and allow the product to act for several minutes. Wipe off with a clean cloth. Use biocides with caution. Before use, read the label and information concerning the product.


• AMS 1453
• BOEING D6-7127
• CML 11CAA1 

Physical Properties

Appearance: Colourless
Fragrance: Mint/eucalyptus
Packaging: Aluminium can - 18 bars - 400 ml
Shelf life: 3 years

Ordering Info

AR0000258 12 x 400ml per carton Outside of USA