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Aircraft Inflight // Passenger & Crew Protection

Alizé Aquanature - Eau de toilette
Perfumed Body Cologne Mist
  • Moisturising with enriched fragrance mist
  • Fragrance designed in Grasse, France
  • Aromatherapy properties with medicinal essential oils
  • Free from parabens, colourings and phenoxyethanol


Alizé Aquanature is a moisturising perfumed body cologne designed for the cabin crew during flight. Aquanature is free from any parabens and provides aromatherapy properties combined with essential oils. Fragrances are designed in Grasse, France.

Directions for Use

Spray onto exposed skin or clothing. Aviod spraying into eyes.

Ordering Info

5010/150 24 x 150ml per carton