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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Cutting Fluids

CalCool S4
High Performance Soluble Metalworking Fluid
  • Multi-metal compatible, suitable for use in a range of machining operations
  • Stable, low scumming performance in hard water environments
  • Low foam performance in soft water conditions, eliminating the use of antifoams
  • Effective biocide system, to prevent bacterial degradation, and extend coolant life


Callington Calcool S4 is a high performance, chlorinated soluble metalworking fluid. It has been formulated to provide excellent machining performance and surface finish using a unique blend of extreme pressure additives and corrosion inhibitors.

The product provides excellent product stability and bio resistance to provide consistent process operation at a reasonable cost.


Callington Calcool S4 is a general-purpose EP soluble coolant formulated to meet the requirements of a wide range of machining applications, including general machining, drilling, reaming, and tapping. Callington Calcool S4 is suitable for machining cast iron, ferrous alloys, and non-ferrous alloys including aluminium alloys.

Recommended dilutions

MaterialCast IronLow-Medium Alloy SteelStainless SteelAluminium AlloysYellow Metals
Operation 4% 4% 4% 4% 4%
Milling 4% 4% 4% 6% 6%
Drilling 4% 4-6% 5-6% 4-8% 4-8%
Deep Hole Drilling
Reaming 7% 7% 7% 8% 8%

Ordering Info

7801/51 20 litres
7801/64 200 litres