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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Forming Fluids

Synform TR30
Synthetic Tube Rolling Fluid
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection on steel
  • Outstanding detergency to wash mill oil and scale from tubes and forming rolls, enhancing mill and tube cleanliness
  • Quickly separates tramp oil and settles particulates to maintain clean fluid conditions
  • Easily washed from tube surfaces providing a clean surface for secondary coating
  • Stable in soft and hard water conditions
  • Unique lubrication properties providing long roll life


Callington Synform TR30 is a synthetic, oil rejecting roll forming fluid. It is designed especially for roll forming, hot and cold rolled, structural steel tube.

Callington Synform TR30 provides excellent mill cleanliness, effectively keeping mill rolls clear of mill scale build-up. It’s clean-running nature under all water conditions, and its ability to settle out mill scale and dirt rapidly allows its use in systems with little or no filtration


Callington Synform TR30 is recommended for use at 5% to 8% for roll forming of carbon steel structural tube.

The products rust protection package provides extended indoor, inter process corrosion protection.

Recommended dilutions

3% to 5% dilution required

Ordering Info

7121/64 200 litres