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Residual Disinfectants: a false sense of security

Apr 24, 2020

Residual Disinfectants: a false sense of security

Promoting a residual disinfectant barrier coating for COVID-19 can sound great in theory, however, in our opinion, we do not promote this claim on our products for the following reasons. 

  1. Practicality: Dirt build up over time on a protective film can prevent the residual barrier from being effective against any pathogens. Also any pathogen suspended in mucus or bodily fluids that land on a surface may not be in contact with this film.    
  2. Regulatory Advice: There are no TGA approved protocols for residual Virucidal activity, therefore any Virucidal residual activity claims are not TGA approved. Be aware of ‘residual sanitising’ claims – as they may offer insufficient protection. Sanitisers offer only low efficacy vs hospital grade disinfectants that provide high efficacy. Efficacy test methods for sanitisers are not regulated and may not be validated scientifically. Any company claiming or promoting residual Virucidal efficacy, is in breach of the Therapeutic Goods Act.  

For detailed information please click on our white paper here.