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Aviation Products // Line Maintenance & Exterior Cleaning

Actasol Gel
Thickened Solvent Based Remover
  • A biodegradable solvent gel replacement for mineral spirits and thinners
  • Clings to surfaces to improve penetration and removal
  • Scents from natural sources
  • Cleans oily and soiled surfaces with extra penetration
  • Can clean surfaces prior to painting and sealing


Developed for use in the aerospace industry, Actasol Gel is a low volatility substitute for Methyl Ethyl Ketone (M.E.K.), 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, Toluene and blends of M.E.K. and Toluene. With the ability to cling on surfaces, Actasol Gel is made especially for surface preparation, general solvent cleaning and removal of corrosion preventative coatings and unwanted stickers/labels. It is a readily biodegradable thickened solvent blend replacement for mineral spirits, thinners, and chlorinated solvents. The use of Actasol Gel reduces risks of hazardous chemical spills, eliminates most hazardous waste disposal costs, and eliminates the health hazards associated with traditional solvents.

Actasol Gel is a specialty formulation representing a major improvement in Occupational Health and Safety standards as well as being biodegradable and an improved environmentally safe solvent.


Actasol Gel is suitable for general degreasing and cleaning of all oily and soiled aircraft surfaces including wing leading and trailing edges, hydraulic pipes, landing gear and wheel wells. Actasol Gel can be used as a surface cleaner prior to painting and sealing of aircraft components. It can remove all CIC (Corrosion Inhibiting Compounds) from all areas of aircraft, below floor structure, side wall structure, doors and wheel well areas.

Directions for Use

  1. Actasol Gel is used as supplied.
  2. It can be applied by brush, rag, scotch brite pad or a spray gun/bottle as appropriate and agitate Actasol Gel on the surface to be cleaned.
  3. For stickers/labels with adhesives, spray Actasol Gel on and leave to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes before removing using a fine abrasive pad or scraper. Solvent residues on cleaned fabrics can be removed using absorbent cloths or a mild alkaline cleaning solution.


• Boeing BSS7432
• AMS 1526C (Partial Testing)

Physical Properties

Appearance: Clear Thick Liquid
Flashpoint (oC) PMCC: 48
Specific Gravity (20oC): 0.84
Solubility: Not water soluble
Odour: Citrus and forest mint
Dry Time: Similar to water
Storage: Store with container closed at room temperature
Shelf-Life: 5 years
Effect on metal Nil

Ordering Info

5252/30 1L 16 units
5252/39 4L 4 units
5252/51 20L Each
5252/64 200L Each
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