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CH8930 Thin
  • Non-flammable neutral phenolic paint stripper
  • Use for dip tank application
  • Removes epoxy and 2 pack coatings, including primer and base coats
  • Non-corrosive to aluminum, cadmium, high strength steel and all aircraft metal surfaces


Callington's CH8930 THIN is a non-flammable, neutral phenolic paint stripper, meticulously crafted for cold dip tank applications. Engineered to remove epoxy, polyurethane, and other tough coatings, including primers and base coats on aircraft surfaces, CH8930 THIN prioritises efficiency. Trusted by aerospace maintenance professionals, it delivers reliable performance for precise stripping needs.


CH8930 is a thin, clear brown coloured liquid. It is non-corrosive to aluminium, cadmium, high strength steel and all aircraft metal surfaces. Typical pH range of 9.5 +/- 0.5.


Precaution – CH8930 THIN is damaging to acrylics, most plastics and composites. Avoid contact to prevent damage.
Clean any soiled or oily surfaces prior to stripping. To avoid unnecessary evaporation carry out stripping operation away from direct sunlight or wind.


Safety Points

  1. The product contains Methylene Chloride + Phenol. It is toxic and corrosive. Read MSDS before use.
  2. If not stored correctly it can become toxic and corrosive.
  3. Maintain bath temp at 25˚C or below.
  4. Ensure tank is covered to minimise evaporation or provide a water seal.
  5. The bath must be in a well ventilated area so as to prevent accumulation of Methylene Chloride vapours.


• Boeing BSS7432
• AMS 1375B
• Douglas CSD1, Type III
• MIL-PRF-25134C
• MIL-R-81294B


  1. Loading and Soaking: Place items into the tank and wait for signs of paint softening (20-60 minutes). This may vary based on the type, age, and number of paint layers.
  2. Removing and Drying: Take out items, briefly dry them, and prevent paint from hardening. Note: Ensure softened paint does not start to harden.
  3. Paint Removal: Scrape off softened paint or use high-pressure water. Repeat if needed. Note: If paint persists, repeat dipping process.
  4. Surface Finishing: Rub timber with dry steel wool, metal with steel wool or scouring pads. Note: Wear gloves.
  5. Cleaning: Wash the surface with Methylated Spirits and a scouring pad or steel wool.
  6. Maintenance: Replenish product, drain sludge and clean the tank regularly. Note: Regular tank cleaning ensures optimal performance.

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6601/51 20L  
6601/64 200L  
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