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CH8930 Thin
  • Use for dip tank application
  • Non flammable


CH8930 is a thin yet concentrated, high performance non-flammable, neutral, phenolic paint stripper designed for Dip Tank application. CH8930 will remove the most difficult paint coatings such as epoxy, polyurethane, enamels and primers.


CH8930 is a thin, clear brown coloured liquid. It is non-corrosive to aluminium, cadmium, high strength steel and all aircraft metal surfaces. Typical pH range of 9.5 +/- .5.


Precaution – CH8930 is damaging to acrylics, most plastics and composites. Avoid contact to prevent damage.
Clean any soiled or oily surfaces prior to stripping. To avoid unnecessary evaporation carry out stripping operation away from direct sunlight or wind.


Safety Points

  1. The product contains Methylene Chloride + Phenol. It is toxic and corrosive. Read MSDS before use.
  2. Methylene Chloride boils at 40˚C, hence evaporation is high.
  3. Maintain bath temp at 25˚C or below.
  4. Ensure tank is covered to minimise evaporation or provide a water seal.
  5. The bath must be in a well ventilated area so as to prevent accumulation of Methylene Chloride vapours.


• D6-17487
• AMS 1375
• Douglas CSD*1
• USAF MIL-R-81294B
• GPC-R-49


  • Load the items to be stripped into the tank. Allow to stand until the painted surface shows signs of wrinkles, blisters or softening. This could take place from 20-60 minutes depending upon type, age and number of layers of paint.
  • Remove items from the tank and briefly allow to dry. Do not let the softened paint start to harden. The softened paint can then be removed by scraping or with the use of high pressure water. If all the paint is not removed with first application, the item should be returned to the tank for a second dip application, repeat step 1.
  • Once most of the paint has been scraped off, rub timber surface down with dry steel wool and metal surfaces with steel wool or scouring pads. This process should remove small bits of paint left on the surface. Wear gloves.
  • Finally, wash down and clean the surface with Methylated Spirits using a scouring pad or steel wool.
  • Bath is to be replenished with Product from time to time.
  • If sludge accumulates, drain the sludge via the drain valve.
  • Clean out the tank depending on use, whenever necessary.

Ordering Info

6601/51 20L  
6601/64 200L  
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