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Metalworking Fluids // Surface Treatment Fluids - Cleaners and Rust Preventives

DWP 320
Dewatering Rust Preventive
  • Excellent water displacing capability providing a clean separation from water or alkaline solutions, allowing for easy separation and longer bath life
  • Fast drying times
  • Highly penetrative forms an even, unbroken protective film, which is self-healing, providing protection even during handling of parts
  • High stability and resistance to acidic and alkaline contaminants, ensures increased bath life and protection
  • Easily cleanable using solvent cleaners or aqueous alkaline cleaners


Callington DWP 320 is water displacing, medium to long term rust preventive, providing up to 18 months indoor protection.

It is composed of corrosion inhibitors, dewatering and wetting agents, and petroleum-based waxes, in a hydrocarbon solvent.

The solvent, after evaporation, leaves a firm, greasy film, which provides corrosion and stain protection to ferrous components.


Callington DWP 320 is designed for use in conditions where a high level of rust protection is required It is ideal for the protection of machine tools and ferrous manufactured components, prior to storage or transportation.

Callington DWP 320 is applied by dip immersion, brushing, or spraying. Immersion of the component or part to be protected in a dip tank, is the preferred method of application, as this optimises the dewatering action of the fluid.

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7704/AU 200 litres