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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Forming Fluids

Tube Rolling Coolant
  • Contains premium corrosion protection additive
  • Stable, low scum performance in hard water environments, providing cleaner working condition and lower top-up rate
  • Low foam performance in soft water conditions, eliminating the use of antifoams
  • Effective biocide system, to prevent bacterial degradation, and extend coolant life
  • Chlorine, phenol, and nitrite-free


Callington Calform SF10 oil is a chlorine and boron free, Tube rolling coolant. Its high mineral oil content and the unique additive package provides excellent lubrication and corrosion protection properties, forming a milky type emulsion.

It also provides consistent performance in a wide range of water types.


Callington Calform SF10 is suitable for use in small to large sump tank for tube rolling mill. Also can use in general machine shops, where general machining operations, on a range of materials, require a stable product, offering versatility at a reasonable cost.

Callington Calform SF10 is particularly recommended for tube rolling mill where rust protection and sump-life are the key concern. It is non-staining to aluminium alloys.

The recommended water range is 50ppm- 400ppm hardness as CaCO3.

Recommended dilutions

MaterialLow-medium alloy steelHigh alloy steelAluminium alloys
Tube rolling 3-5% 3-5% 3-5%
Turning 4-5% 5% 5%
Tapping 7% 8-10% 7%

Ordering Info

7510/1000 1000 litres