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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Cutting Fluids

SYN 38
General Purpose Synthetic Metalworking Coolant
  • Rejection of tramp oil for easy removal
  • Low foaming in all water conditions
  • Excellent stability and resistance to microbial growth
  • Mineral oil, chlorine, phenol, and nitrite-free
  • Excellent corrosion protection even in hard water conditions


Callington SYN 38 is a mineral oil-free, oil rejecting, synthetic metalworking coolant. It is designed for various grinding, and light to medium duty machining applications on cast iron and ferrous alloys. It can be used in soft water conditions and hard water conditions. It exhibits low foam and excellent stability under a wide range of conditions, providing outstanding machine cleanliness, and extremely long life. 


Callington SYN 38 is designed for use in most grinding operations including surface, cylindrical, and centreless grinding. It is also used in honing, as well as general machining applications, such as boring, turning, milling and light duty drilling operations. It is suitable for use on cast iron, low carbon, and free-cutting steels, alloy steels, and stainless steel. 

Recommended dilutions

MaterialCast IronLow Carbon/ High Carbon SteelsAlloy Steels
Operation 4% 4% 6%
Turning 5% 5% 6%
Drilling 5% 6% 8%

Ordering Info

7128/51 20 litres