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RoxDiesel® 9300 Fuel Additive
For Centane Improvement & Complete Diesel Treatment
  • Prevents corrosion and improves lubricity
  • Enhances fuel stability and demulsibility
  • Injector clearliness and powerful biocide
  • Provides reduced noise and reduced vibration
  • Reduces NOx & CO & particulate matter, black smoke & fuel consumption


RoxDiesel® 9300 Fuel Additive is a multi-functional ashless organic fuel additive. It provides a complete diesel treatment and is specially designed to give enhanced combustion through the addition of Cetane improvers. RoxDiesel® Fuel Additive will turn your regular diesel into a premium fuel.


The recommended treat rate is 1:500 for the initial first-time treatment and 1:1000 to 1:2000 for subsequent treatments.

Physical Properties

Appearance Colour: Light brown coloured liquid
Density: 0.89+/0.02
Transparency: Clear

Ordering Info

8260/51 20L
8260/64 200L
8260/1000 1000L