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Metalworking Fluids // Metal Cutting Fluids

AL 1500
Premium Semi Synthetic Metalworking Coolant
  • Excellent surface finish and extended tool life
  • Can be used on both aluminium and ferrous materials
  • Excellent wetting properties, reducing “drag out” and product usage
  • Exceptional product stability and long coolant life
  • Excellent corrosion protection and non-staining to ferrous materials
  • Low foaming characteristics even in modern high-pressure machines


Callington AL 1500 is a high-performance, semi-synthetic metalworking coolant, designed for the machining of aluminium and aluminium alloys, commonly used in the automotive, electronics, and aerospace industries, as well as ferrous alloys. It has been formulated for use in soft water as well as hard waters and exhibits low foam and excellent stability under a wide range of conditions.


Callington AL 1500 has been designed for use in most metalworking applications including grinding, and its performance is particularly outstanding in the more difficult aluminium machining operations such as reaming, tapping, and broaching of the harder high silicon aluminium alloys. It is non- staining to aluminium and its alloys, making it suitable for use in automotive, electronics, and aerospace aluminium applications.

Callington AL 1500 is suitable for use with the latest technology high-speed machining centres and can be used also on ferrous materials, making it ideal for use where both aluminium alloys and ferrous materials are being machined. It is low foaming and ideal for high pressure, high volume coolant flow applications. It is equally suitable for use in large centralised coolant systems and for small individual coolant sumps.

Recommended dilutions

MaterialLow Si AluminiumHigh Si AluminiumLow alloy steelsHigh Alloy Steels
Operation 4% 4% - -
Drilling 5% 6% 6.0% 6.0%
Heavy Duty Milling
Tapping 7% 8-10% 6% 6%
Broaching 7% 8-10% - -

Ordering Info

7460/42 5 litres
7460/51 20 litres
7460/64 200 litres