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Safety Strip
Citrus based Paint Stripper
  • Removes multiple paint coats in one application
  • Gel technology - allows for greater dwell times
  • Very low odour - safe to use


SAFETY STRIP is a non-evaporative, environmentally friendly paint and varnish remover for fast and efficient removal of water and oil-based paints and varnishes. SAFETY STRIP replaces the traditional toxic methylene chloride, phenolic, and acidic paint strippers.

Directions for use

See Technical Data Sheet for specific information.

Physical Properties

Appearance:  Yellow, clear thick liquid
Specific Gravity g/ml at 20⁰C:  Approx 1.02 
Flash Point (deg C) PMCC :  > 80; non-flammable
Solubility in Water:                    Miscible in water

Ordering Info

6030/39 4 litres  
6030/51 20 litres  
6030/64  200 litres