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Aviation Products // Line Maintenance & Exterior Cleaning

Heavy-Duty Exterior Dry Wash
  • pH neutral formulation
  • Designed as a cleaner / degreaser for exterior aircraft painted surfaces
  • Ideal for landing gears, engine exhaust areas, wing flaps, grease, oils and hydraulic oil build up
  • Can be used with either a dry or wet wash application


CH8000 is a unique, water dilutable, micro-emulsion cleaner, based on an emulsifiable solvent and biodegradable surfactant system, which will break and remove heavy oil and smoke trail deposits, associated with the landing gear and engine exhaust areas of aircraft.

Directions for Use

CH8000 can be used as received or diluted with water depending upon the soil. The dilution with water will reduce the thixotropic properties of the product.
General Dry wash for Exterior Surfaces:
1. Shake or stir well before use. Dilution prior to use (Discard diluted solutions within 24 h)
• Heavy soiling: use undiluted or dilute 1:1 with water
• Medium soiling: dilute 1 part solution: 4-8 parts of water
• Light soiling: dilute 1 part solution: 10 to 20 parts of water.
2. Apply in smooth continuous strokes over the surface in sections, with a clean cloth, mop, brush, pad, or spray equipment. For heavy soiling spread and agitate the product over the surface.
3. Leave the product to penetrate the soil. While the product is still wet, remove it completely by wiping with a clean microfiber/soft cotton cloth. Replace cloth before it becomes saturated with soil.
4. Repeat process if section is not clean, then continue to next section.


• Boeing D6-17487 REV T (Concentrated) & BSS7432 (RTU)
• AMS 1526C (Concentrated & RTU)
• AMS 1530C

Physical Properties

Appearance: Viscous, slightly hazy dark brown liquid
pH: 9.5 ± 1.0 (neat)
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Ordering Info

2515/42 5L Global
2515/51 20L Global
2515/64 200L Global