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What we stand for

The Callington Group globally are a leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, with esteemed corporate values, a competitive successful drive, and a force for global growth. As a family operated business our fundamental belief is to make a difference, with our people’s lives, our customer's businesses, and the markets in which they operate worldwide, leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

Customer Focused

All Callington solutions are developed with the customers’ success in mind and to strengthen long lasting and mutual beneficial relationships. This has been the core philosophy of the business and has been a testament to our ongoing success since 1968.

Responsibility & Sustainability

The Callington Group is committed to preservation of the environment and the safety of all communities in which we operate.  We strive to achieve innovative and sustainable solutions, backed by transparency and integrity in all our processes and operations.

Respect, Empowerment & Our People

The Callington Group believes in the entrepreneurial spirits of its employees. Callington promotes a trusting and respecting working environment across the board and our employees enjoy working together, with our customers and key stakeholders.


Innovation plays a key focus in developing quality products. Callington continues to use cutting edge solutions when developing the next generation products for their clients, with the focus on using sustainable materials at all times.