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Aviation Products // Line Maintenance & Exterior Cleaning

Aircraft Eco-friendly, High-Gloss Cleaning Gel
  • Viscous (thixotropic) formula enhances adhesion, boosting cleaning power and reducing manual effort
  • Rapidly eliminates dirt, grease, carbon and exhaust residues within minutes of application
  • Readily biodegradable, low VOC, meeting EU Ecolabel, CleanGredients and Safer Choice standards
  • High gloss finish and non-streaking, making it ideal for dry wash applications
  • Contains corrosion inhibitors to protect aircraft surfaces and enhance the longevity of the aircraft's coating system against environmental and chemical damage


Callington Aerocare Gel (CH8150HG) is an eco-friendly, high-gloss cleaning gel specifically formulated to significantly reduce the time and level of manual effort required. The slow-drying formula is designed for easy cleaning of heavily soiled sections of the aircraft, such as the lower fuselage, wing flaps, and the nose wheel well. The gel formulation provides extended dwell time, and it’s suitable for both wet & dry wash applications. With results seen in under 3mins..

Directions for Use

CH8150HG can be used undiluted or mixed with water based on soil intensity; however, adding water will reduce its thixotropic properties. For heavy soil buildup, apply CH8150HG undiluted. Moderately soiled surfaces, mix 1 part CH8150HG with 5 parts water. For light soil, blend 1 part CH8150HG with 10 parts water, at the discretion of the airline. Dilution suggestions are provided as general references.

Wet Wash:
Apply CH8150HG using a cloth, mop, brush, pad, or spray equipment according to the dilution guidelines. Distribute and agitate onto the surface, allowing up to 5 minutes for penetration. Re-agitate if necessary. Rinse with flowing water or a high-pressure washer, starting from the top and moving downward.

Dry Wash Guidance:
For best results, dilute 1 part CH8150HG with 5 parts water. Apply on sections with a cloth or cleaning tool. Allow up to 5 minutes in heaviliy soiled areas before wiping with a clean cloth. Replace the cloth when saturated.

Heavy Duty Cleaning of landing gear and in wheel wells:
Apply undiluted CH8150HG on surfaces using cloth, mop, brush, pad or spray equipment, leaving a film. Let the gel sit and soak for up to 5 minutes. Agitate the coated surface as necessary using a cloth, mop, brush or pad. Rinse thoroughly with water after agitation.

Note: Dilution quantities can be adjusted based on specific cleaning requirements.


• AMS 1526C
• AMS 1530C
• Boeing D6-1787 (Rev T)

Physical Properties

Appearance: Orange viscous liquid
pH: 12.4 ± 0.5
pH at 10% dilution: 11.4 ± 0.5

Ordering Info

2522/51 20L Each
2522/64 200L Each