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Metal Treatment Products // Passivation

S-Weld PassGel-N
  • Gel consistency for ease of application
  • Enhancement of chrome oxide corrosion resistant (passive) layer
  • Dissolves any residual surface contamination
  • Improved quality of fabricated product
  • Conforms to: ASTM A380 and ASTM A967 Passivation Treatments, Boeing Process Specification HP4-8


Callington S-Weld PassGel-N is a powerful oxidising gel for the passivation of stainless steel, duplex steel and Inconel alloys. S-Weld PassGel-N can be used following pickling, grinding or mechanical polishing of stainless steel to ensure a passive surface is obtained prior to installation or commissioning of the final product. Suitable for use within industrial, aerospace & food industries.

Direction for use

1. Surface should be pre-cleaned to remove oils and greases before applying the passivating agent. Use a suitable alkaline degreaser (contact your Callington Representative for suitable product). Any contamination will shorten the life of the passivating gel.
2. Stir the gel to ensure a smooth consistency and apply S-Weld PassGel-N using the acid resistant brush provided.
3. Test first with the product to establish minimum dwell time.

Grade of Stainless Steel  Temperature 20-38°C  Temperature 40-70°C  
200, 300, 400 Series 30-45 minutes 10-30 minutes
Duplex 30-45 minutes 10-30 minutes
Super Duplex 30-45 minutes 10-30 minutes
Inconel 625, 825 30-45 minutes 10-30 minutes

4. Rinse thoroughly with clean potable water, dry surfaces to prevent water staining (smut). If a neutralizing agent has been used this must be followed by rinsing again with clean potable water and surfaces should be dried to prevent water staining

1. Wear PVC gloves, goggles, overalls and safety boots. Wear a respirator if working in a confined or poorly ventilated area.
2. Avoid spillages and do not allow gel to come in contact with the body or eyes. Avoid breathing in the vapours.
3. If skin contact occurs, immediately flush body and/or clothes with water. Remove all contaminated clothing.
4. Replace the lid on the container tightly after use, and store upright in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight. Do not store or use below 5°C.
5. S-Weld PassGel-N has a recommended shelf life of twelve (12) months if stored as per above conditions (item 4).

NB: S-Weld PassGel-N is presented as a 1 quart (946mL) security cap plastic container, and each bottle comes with an acid resistant application brush.


Conforms to:

o ASTM A380 and ASTM A967 Passivation Treatments

o Boeing Process Specification HP4-8

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity: 1.20
Water Solubility: Miscible
pH (as supplied): <1.0
Appearance & Colour: Thick white translucent gel

Ordering info

Product CodePackagingUnits/Carton
1132/32 1 quart 4 units
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