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Lav'odor Eliminator 130
Lavatory Odour Neutraliser
  • Neutralises and eliminates bad odours in aircraft toilets
  • Can be diluted with “blue” water treatment products
  • Suitable for both recycled and vacuum flush systems


Lavatory Odour Eliminator is a ready to use spray which neutralises and eliminates unpleasant smells. It helps kill odours caused by bacteria, mould or other organic causes, as well as odours from other chemicals.

Directions for Use

• Open the ready-to-use 100 ml dosage bottle and pour the contents into the toilet bowl.
• Flush and allow the product to act.


• AMS1550
• D6-7127

Physical Properties

Appearance: Colourless
Shelf life: 3 years

Ordering Info

AR0000127 24 x 100ml / ctn Global