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Aircraft Inflight // Passenger & Crew Protection

Individual Protection Kits
Fly Safe Kits for Passengers
  • Components comply with International recommendations issued by the WHO, CDC, ECDC and EASA
  • Items can be customised to suit each airline’s passenger safety requirements
  • Manufactured across multiple locations worldwide


Individual Protection Kits are specific compact kits dedicated to the protection of passengers during their journey, especially in times of pandemics or regions with an outbreak or endemic risks. The components within the kit comply with international recommendations issued by the WHO, CDC, ECDC and EASA. The Individual Protection kits can customised and adapted to your needs.


• Disposable gloves                            • Hand & surface disinfectant wipe
• Sanitising wipe for hands                 • Disinfectant wipe for surfaces (single wipe)
• Antimicrobial hand gel                      • Instructional leaflet

Make It Your Own

Compose the kit that perfectly fits your own needs by choosing the type and quantity of the listed items. Shall you be looking for another specific item to complete your kit, please let us know. The choice of dual use “hand and surface” disinfectant wipes (Ki-ose 390) or “hands” only sanitising wipes (Ki-ose 391) or “surfaces” only disinfectant wipes (Ki-ose 395) give you the flexibility you may be looking for with regards to your passengers and context, or to adapt to your local regulations. Based on minimum quantities, the IPK instructional leaflet, so as some of the components of the kits (ie. Wipes) can be customised and branded to your requirements. We remain available for more details.