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ROX® Radiator Flush
  • Removes oil and grease from radiators and cooling systems
  • Removes corrosion deposits from radiators and cooling systems
  • Leaves the cooling system ready for the addition of fresh coolant
  • Leaves the cooling system ready for the addition of fresh coolant


ROX® Radiator Flush is a radiator cleaning concentrate designed to remove contaminants within a vehicle’s cooling system. It uses a combination of surfactants, degreasers, and adjuvants to provide a high strength flush to leave radiators free of grease, oils, and corrosion deposits.


One bottle of ROX® Radiator Flush can be used for coolant systems which take up to 10 Litres of coolant. For larger cooling systems, the use of two bottles of ROX® Radiator Flush is recommended.

Directions for Use

Drain the coolant from the cooling system and fill the cooling system with water.  

Add ROX® Radiator Flush into the cooling system via the radiator and replace the radiator cap. Turn on the engine and leave running for 15 minutes. Drain the water and radiator flush mixture and add new coolant into the cooling system.

Safety Precautions

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If poisoning occurs, contact a Doctor or Poisons Information Centre

Ordering Info

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8294/300 300ml