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Fuel Additives // Marine

Diesel Ecoboost
Boost engine performance
  • Reduces emissions & black smoke
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Reduces combustion deposits
  • Enhances fuel stability in storage, rust inhibition & sludge dispersion
  • Kills and prevents bacteria and fungi growth


RoxDiesel EcoBoost is a multifunctional ashless organic fuel additive. It provides a complete diesel treatment and is specially designed to give enhanced combustion through the addition of cetane improvers. It is designed to meet the requirements of new generation engines. It will turn your regular diesel into a premium fuel. It will boost your engine performance and reduce output of environment emissions; your engine will run cleaner with greater horsepower. Get more power for your 4x4 or truck when you need it.


See Technical Data Sheet for dosage instructions.

Physical Properties

Appearance Colour: Light brown coloured liquid
Density: 0.89+/0.02
Transparency: Clear

Ordering Info

8260/30 1L
8260/51 20L
8260/64 200L