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Fuel Additives // Truck & Bus

Rox Diesel BioAttack
Provides long-term diesel fuel maintenance
  • Effective as a ‘quick-kill on biocide and provides long-term diesel fuel maintenance
  • Protects fuel system components against organic acids created by microbial growths
  • Prevents fuel tank system corrosion through use of effective corrosion inhibitors
  • Enhances fuel stability in storage, rust inhibition & sludge dispersion
  • Kills and prevents bacteria and fungi growth


Rox Diesel BioAttack is a potent biocide for killing and preventing the regrowth of most types of organisms that grow in diesel fuels and diesel fuel tanks. Similarly, Rox Diesel BioAttack acts as a fuel tank corrosion inhibitor and fuel lubricant. It is effective against most types of organisms found in diesel fuel. It is particularly effective against Cladosporium resinae (a hydrocarbon utilising fungus), as well as bacteria, yeasts, and other fungi. Being 100% organic, Rox Diesel BioAttack leaves no ash on combustion.


See Technical Data Sheet for dosage instructions.

Physical Properties

tr>Appearance Colour:Clear amber liquidtr>
Appearance Colour: Clear amber liquid
Density: 0.832 +/- 0.02
Flammability: Combustible
Character: Hydrocarbon petroleum solvent

Ordering Info

8275/300 300ml
8275/30 1 litre
8275/42  5 litres
8275/51 20 litres
8275/64 200 litres
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