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Aviation Products // Aircraft Insecticides

Emulsifiable Concentrated Residual Insecticide for Aircraft Cabin & Hold Disinsection
  • Complies with World Health Organisation recommendations
  • Aircraft approved insecticides
  • Dilutes in water 
  • Emusifiable concentrated product (50%)


Callington Airez Insecticide is an emulsifiable concentrated, World Health Organisation-compliant, residual aircraft insecticide designed to be diluted with water before spraying in the aircraft. Airez complies with most Quarantine and Health Authorities, worldwide. It is ideal for all international and domestic routes. Airez can be mixed with an ultraviolet tracer if required by auditing authorities.


Callington Airez complies with the World Health Organisation specifications for aircraft insecticides and has the following approvals.

  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Services
  • New Zealand Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries
  • Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
  • Boeing D6-7127 and AMS 1450A for aircraft safety



Airez is an emulsifiable concentrate and must be diluted with water in the ratio of 1 litre Airez to 24 litres of water (or 200mls of Airez in 4.8 litres of water). This will give the correct amount of Permethrin (2%) as recommended and specified by the World Health Organisation and by most Quarantine authorities around the world.

Dilution should take place just prior to application. If dilution has been made more than 1 week before application then mix or shake the container before use.


Coverage Rates

Spray the diluted product as follows:

  • 25ml/m2 on the carpets to achieve a 0,5g/m2 deposit
  • 10ml/m2 on the other interior surfaces to achieve a 0,2g/m2 deposit


Treatment Procedure

Refer to Quarantine procedures or contact Callington Technical Service.

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